Infinity Above Us (In Memory of Mark Garity)

Infinity Above Us

My buddies and I used to go stargazing out at Gate’s Pass in Tucson, AZ. It was amazing, there were so many stars. Since then, I’ve lived in Tokyo and Los Angeles, and the night skies just aren’t the same as they were in southern Arizona. This illustration is in memory of my friend Mark Garity, who was out there with us in those days, surrounded by canyon walls and saguaros, under night skies full of stars. I think about those times a lot these days. I think Mark would’ve loved this illustration.

After I learned about Mark’s passing, I went through all of our old texts. There were a lot. I found this, a message with a clip of a comic I drew in 2013.

Mark Garity

The original comic was just a quick sketch, lamenting the lack of good stargazing skies since I left Arizona. In 2018, I began to re-draw it with Mark included in it. It took me two years to finish.

Mark Garity
Thank you, Mark. I will. Miss you, dude.

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